Check for fruit, Check for vegetables

(Photography by Will Epps, check out his online portfolio here)

 Firstly, apologies for the odd title, it's a line from The Parent Trap (anyone else watched that far more times than they should have done?) and it's what I always think when I see someone in a checked shirt, which is MOST of the time...

This is probably one of the most versatile items of clothing I own, I wear it as a dress, shirt, tied at the waist 50's style, buttoned up to the top, as a cover up, tucked into jeans... the possibilities are endless, well, that's a lie but it's a pretty long list.

I got it from H&M a couple of years ago and I still wear it on a regular basis, I applaud you checked shirt!

What's your most loved item of clothing?


  1. A, love these photo's!=) Loving your outfit posts!

    Lis xXx

    Off The Wardrobe

  2. super sweet.

    hmmmm most loved item is a navy jumper with turquoise and red weird stripes on it, had it since i was 17. cost me 1.99

  3. These photos are lovely- I have just been typing tomorrows post which has a recent-ish purchase thats becoming a favourite! how funny. I do have an all saints dress from about 5 years ago I still love and just wish I had bought it twice! ha.x
    fashion clocked

  4. lovely photos

    Kisses from France
    Olivia & Mariam


  5. The parent trap is such a brilliant movie :) i love it. and i wish lindsay lohan could still make movies like that. ah well.

    hmm my favourite piece has got to be my doc martens :) they go with anything.

    love the photos!


  6. far too many times. i think i should probably refuse anymore viewings of the parent trap.

    my favourite item is just a sheer-ish white battered h&m t-shirt oddly enough!

  7. Beautiful photography!

    Lovely shirt :)

    Great post!!!

    Char x

  8. I really have watched the Parent Trap too many times. The older I get the more I realise how bad it is lol!

    The other day it just hit me that Natasha Richardson was the one in it! Shocking really :(

    Nice shirt!


  9. Great photography - as usual. and nice outfit. I love shirts, you can wear them in about 100 different ways. My most loved item would be one of my black blazers/jackets though. You never ever see me without a blazer or a jacket or a poncho or something like that.

  10. The pictures are amazing, I love the atmosphere!
    I have a very similar shirt, it's indeed very nice.

  11. very pretty! great setting!



  12. I applaud your checked shirt too. Its lovely. Great pictures too.

  13. Beautiful photos, dearest Clare!

  14. Most loved clothing will always be my skinny jeans. Would be sooooo lost without them now. xx

  15. amazing blog!!! this post is so great! the scenery is so beautiful and so are you! I am now following your blog :)


  16. you're gorgeous!
    and look stunning in these photos.

  17. Lovely shirt and the pictures are STUNNING ! x

  18. I don't know Clare, but to me you look like the ultimate city girl sitting in a field (or am I just projecting?). Long live the H&M shirt, it looks great on you!

  19. beautiful photos + great question. i adore my sidney crosby jersey, a thrifted navy blazer that goes with everything, and all of my soft low v.neck plain gray tees.


    xo Alison

  20. I love this photoshoot. Looks lovely. I love the parent trap but I don't remember this bit!
    - Adele

  21. Wow, the shirt is soooo striking against the grass. Such a good call for a photo! I like it a lot!

    Hmmm I have a few favourite pieces some are just go-to comfort clothes while others are just fun pieces that actually don't get worn that often- like my milkshake print dress which I must aim to wear more this summer!

  22. lovely pictures looks nice i like her shirt

  23. hahaha, I love the tag/label/thing you put :p
    And my equivalent of Parent Trap is Mean Girls (another Lohan film). Man, I've watched that film far too many times...

  24. Great top! I love it!


  25. My most a shoe. It's a strange candy pink with a bow on it. Still lives in it's shiny box and never fails to put a smile on my, and often others faces. It's went these things die that i think, damn, should have bought a few!

  26. cant disregard th grey flat boot. i may not always show them off on the blog, but i do love them. possibly too much.

  27. Wow! These photos are wonderful! My most loved item of clothing is definitely my fave 2 pairs of jeans: William Rast skinnies & black j brand skinnies. Glad to find your blog :)

  28. These photographs are stunning, awesome job to the photographer!

  29. YESS I'm so proud of myself for knowing where that quote came from before scrolling down to see!/// I love the Parent Trap...being a twin my sister and I watched it at least 100 times hehe

    Great photos!

  30. beautiful photos! and i love the shirt, one of my favorites pieces in my closet's also a white and black checked shirt.

  31. Indeed it offeres endless possibilities!

    Still have to think about my favourite one, but Mat's favourite is definitely something!

    ps I've managed to prepare another little treat, that will come as a suprise next week (hopefully!)

  32. really love your outfit posts. the sky looks mean here!

    i agree, checked shirts are so versatile. i bought one from uniqlo via ebay for 2.99 and wear it when i can't think of what else to wear, which is almost everyday. i also have a pair of topshop skinny jeans which are becoming my second skin :)

  33. Ah, as soon as I read the title I knew you must have been indulging in a little 'Parent Trap' time! I have to admit, I do still love that movie (such a shame Lindsay went down the path she did, when she had such potential).
    My most loved item of clothing would be any one of my cardigans. I bring them out even in summer, they're so versatile!

  34. hehe :) god I love the parent trap, one of the best movies of all time.. I too have watched it far more than is good for my health :/

    cuuuuute amazing beautiful blog!

    I'm following XD follow back? xx

  35. My most loved item of clothing is a black denim bodycon dress from topshop a couple of years ago, with a lttice cut out waist. It's my go to dress for last minute nights out! :)

    I definately recognise your face from nantwich, I think I met your sister at wakestock a few years ago? Small blogging world!

    check out my blog at leather, lace and studs where you can enter my competition to win a luella bag charm here too! thank you :)

  36. God that sky is so FABULOUSLY dramatic!!

    I do not know if I could pick a favourite item of clothing! I think each of my schizophrenic fashion personas would have their own choice!

    At the mo I'm completely lusting after my clogs - which I've worn in every outfit post since I bought them pretty much! My gold converse would come pretty high up too.

    So strange that I've picked two sets of shoes, as I don't really consider myself much of a shoe person!! Although, those black bandage heels you wore in like your first outfit post (I think?)have really been playing on my mind and I may give in and copy your stylish self soon!!

    Charlotte xx

    The Style Rail

  37. The most loved thing I own has to be..... oooh difficult question.

    I have a gingham playsuit from cow which I adore, been wearing that a lot lately. But saying that, my wardrobe rotation is pretty consistent so it's got to be spectacular if it stays in my hands for long!

    Claire @ Jazzpad

  38. love that shirt! I have a similar in yellow with small checks, also from H&M. boy i would love to find a b&w version like yours =)

  39. I love these images!
    Gorgeous hon xxx

  40. Loved Lindsay's double roles! I don't say check for fruit, check for vegetables. I simply say check-mate!

    I'm such a dweeb, lol.


  41. absolute miracle!

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  42. wow love the location...and yoo look so cool..cheers!!!


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