Channelling Chanel with leather accessories

(Photgraphy by Will Epps, check out his online portfolio here)

So, I wasn't intentionally channelling Chanel but when I saw the last photo I couldn't help but draw comparisons to their S/S 10 collection with clogs and a barn... The only differences are these shoes are from Office (again, I know...) not Chanel, they're not technically clogs and I'm not in the most fashionable barn in the World.

But anyway, back to the rest of the outfit, this wasn't really an outfit suitable to post, more just something to wear to show off the leather accessories, but it is made up of my Charity Shop cut off shorts and a black trapeze cut top from New Look Kids section, that place is a bit amazing at the moment.

The bag is one of my absolute favourite accessories, yet I never use it because I never really know what to put it with. It was from a teeny, slightly weird shop on Portobello Road in London.

Once again, these photos are taken by the lovely and very talented Will, check out his online portfolio here.

P.S. I'm flying home tomorrow, yay! I'm in Singapore at the moment, I've just had Singapore Slings in Raffles Hotel and thrown peanuts on the floor, a fitting end to they holiday I think you'll agree. I'll be back to normal blogging in a couple of days and I PROMISE to reply to all your comments and emails, it may take some time...


  1. looking stunning missy :D
    love the bag.
    and mr photographer has some serious skills too! xx

  2. love the backpack! you do seem to have a substance abuse problem concerning office shoes, clare...haha. can't wait for your travel posts!

  3. Oh how you rock that backpack lovely lady ♥
    Really liking this look, you love fantastic.
    Lovely blog, following you.

    Please follow:

    Eda ♥

  4. You look great- the backpack, photography and shoes- all awesome. Must pop into new look- ( i always think it smells weird in new look stores?) ....

    fashion clocked blog
    would be cool for you to drop by.

  5. I see what you mean with the Chanel atmosphere. The accessories are great, a perfect mix of fashion and practicality. Are you back yet?

  6. I love your bag!

    Lydia xxx

  7. that is the most lovely bag clare! (i am extremely jealous ahha)

    and the shoes are gorgeous too, and office is designer enough for me! xxx

  8. Okay, so I'm seriously hearting those shoes and the bag, especially! Succulent leather, can we say?

  9. that backpack and those shoes = to die for. great post!

  10. LOVE!! I'm all for the backpack! I feel like a 90s valley girl straight out of Clueless when I wear them but I still absolutely love it!


  11. Hi honey!

    Great blog..Love your shoes <3

    xoxo* by Portugal


  12. Oh those shoes-that-are-not-tech-clogs!

    I love them!


  13. Leather rucksacks are SO hot right now. Hope you have a great journey home. Cx

  14. See if I have this thing about having a full bag and put stuff I don't even need in just so it looks full LOL! Great outfit x

  15. hey hun welcome back wa singapore fun? :) yes i love this post. in fact i love the idea of getting something that looks and reminds you of a particular design and then trying it on :P hope that makes sense :) hehe
    xo otbes keep in touch

  16. The Bag is amazing.

    The shoes are perfect.

    I think you nailed it with this look.

  17. backpacks, when chic (/disturbingly kitschy), are life changing.

  18. Aw look at you in these pics, i LOVE them. Backpacks are indeed the future!

    ps. it's OK about 75% of my shoes are from office too...i used to work for them

  19. Fabulous bag - love it. xx

  20. Great photos! Enjoy your last night in Singapore

  21. Your bag is just great! I love how well you can pull off leather. it really suits you :)

    Christy from Dress Rehearsal

  22. I love that bag. You need to wear it more often! It looks really roomy as well. Glad you've had a lovely holiday - I look forward to hearing all about it!
    Clare x

  23. <3 those shoes...really nice ! and screw a 'fancy' barn. The photos are lovely :)


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