Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The Texture Labb

(Photography by  Danish photographer Flemming Leitorp)

This is a cheeky sneak preview of a shoot that will be appearing in the upcoming issue of Labb Magazine, The Texture Labb. They only just got these shots in the office yesterday so it's lovely of them to send them over for us to look at.

Labb is all about the new, vibrant and upcoming people in design and, being based in Birmingham, is able to seek and focus on talent outside of London. Also, the submissions for content are open to everyone so it is a great platform for emerging talent with a leaning towards high fashion.
I love this preview shoot, though it reminds me so much of the texture shoot by Grace Coddington which is seen in The September Issue, especially the last 'bin bag, but it looks great' dress, this one is by Barbara I Gongini. Did I ever mention how much I love Grace Coddington by the way? I think she's a genius, plus she grew up exactly where I did so there's hope for me yet...

Anyway, that's beside the point, it's the little things I love about this shoot, namely the accessories. They add to and enhance the dark, textured clothing and bring out something extra. My favourite is the silver fox ring in the image with the hood, that is exactly what's missing from my life at the moment... It is by Bjorg Jewellery who's online shop is under construction unfortunately and I don't know where stocks them, darn. But I can daydream right?

The angular, woven jewellery would match perfectly with Derek Lawlor's dresses too I think.

The Texture Labb will be available Worldwide on the 7th of June, until then why not check out their website and previous issue online here...


  1. Sounds exciting, looking forward to seeing their magazine design and choice of designers to feature. The accessories are indeed awesome, and I see your point about the silver fox ring, it's certainly a must.

  2. what a wonderful woman! ps your post aren't good for my wallet ^^ such beautiful clothes!

  3. i just love textures & that second dress! cute blog..now following

    Anna Katrina

  4. some lovely, and potential diy, accessories there.

  5. aww, I reminder that shoot, and you're right:)love Grace too:!

  6. Wow, yes the textures are amazing, i'm drawn to all that shoulder drama


  7. I'm adoring the shoot, and it gave me the same sensation that I got with Grace's texture shoot, just like you did. =)


  8. amazing pics
    you have a great blog!
    love it

  9. WOW. The model is stunning! I love the shoe!!! The accessories are gorgeous too!

    Ps, YAY NEXT WEEK!! ahahah it's like i am trying to get you all pumped up! AHAHAHHA <3 Really do hope you enjoy yourself :D

  10. Awesome! And the styling is so on-point.


  11. Love the textures.. Textures are hard to wear in the summer time though.

  12. These are great shots I love the flared lighting. And a sneek preview, nice. I Love Grace too. She sure lives up to her name. She cam accross so well in the film September Issue. And ozzing creativity. It would be wonderful to be in the position to work with her. I hadnt heard of Labb mag. It is great to know about it. Thanks

  13. that model is stunning!

    High street + Couture =

  14. I just love how I was thinking of the texture shoot in the september issue.
    oh and the fox ring is so amazing, defintitely have to look out for something like this

  15. These are lovely. Thank you for sharing.

    Dress Rehearsal

  16. Wow this is so beautiful :)

    I hear the Jessica Simpson shoes have been released agin on her site?

    I should have waited then I could have the black pair now, but no I pre-ordered them months ago and they are on back order until June.


  17. Thanks =)

    I pre-ordered form Victoria`s Secret maybe they'll have some again? And Zappos.com had them in silver.


  18. Gorgeous photos! They look so magical. Thank you for sharing these.

  19. Absolutely incredible photography - thanks for introducing me to the mag!

  20. it's amazing how you can describe in details how wonderful this photos are and for me it's beautiful. Am not good with words, but the model, the styling and the photography is really amazing.

    I am Denise Katipunera

  21. Fab shots, thanks for the sneek preview

    Sleekit x

  22. I might be going a little comment happy right now (fair warning) but AHH these make me want to attempt a bunch of DIY projects. I need to get supplies though. If I end up doing something I'll let you know and link you as a source.



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