Saturday, 10 April 2010

Simon Ekrelius

First thing's first, I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who follows this blog as I now have 200 followers! But... It happened a lot quicker than I expected so I'm still waiting on confirmation on some of the prizes for the promised giveaway, and I want you to have amazing prizes rather than mediocre ones, so we shall have to be patient I'm afraid.

I'm not entirely sure why I haven't posted about Simon Ekrelius's A/W 10 collection before, the images have been stored up on my desktop for a while now.  The Stockholm based designer first caught my eye with his stunning look book, the mirror images and amazing prints were enough to win me over in a heartbeat. The prints in this collection remind me of the dust clouds created when you clap chalk board erasers together, kind of illustrated in the first image but in a much chicer way than when I was in Primary School...

I love the finishing touches like the head scarves and hats, even though they contrast to the main body of the collection, they seem to fit in perfectly. I think the stark, red contrast of the hat makes the 4th image down my favourite.

For more info and to see more of his past work, visit his website.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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  1. Love those gorgeous pictures.

  2. Indeed the collection looks great, headpieces included! The gothic make-up's interesting too. I also like the print on the last one, so very Scandinavian . . . Btw, seems like a lot of Scaninavian designers are becoming more internationally appreciated lately, which is great of course.

  3. amazing photo´s! And a great designer! The headpieces are amazing.

  4. love these pictures..they are great!

    please follow my blog:

  5. gorgeous pics! i love the mirrored effect that makes for a tweedle dee & tweedle dum in fashion look!

  6. Wow, that stuff is amazing, great shoot and even great clothes!

  7. I love the colors and prints in this collection!

    Anyhow, last year i did a vest very similar to the transparent skirt, and now seeing it here it's just weird.
    Haven't that happened to you before? Sometimes it's frustrating, 'cos i can't prove "i did it earlier" but oh well. I'm rambling, sorry.

  8. woow what a great blog u have! havent seen so much nice stuff in one place for a long time<3

  9. tweet tweet, yeah i know 300! well i have had my blog for ages but youre much more consistent that i am.

    Hope every is excited for the comp!

  10. i really like it! except not hte last one... that ones too weird for my tasting

  11. such a beautiful collection of images. absolutely fun

    (a new blog!)

  12. Just discovered your blog and I'm lovin' what I'm seeing! Great posts! Adding you to my blogroll asap

  13. Absolutley beautiful.

    Hope all is well darl.


  14. Ooh I just love those meshy dresses. And the photography work is totally amaze too.

    Just wondering how you manage to organise giveaways? I see a lot of blogs hosting them but not sure how to arrange one for my blog.

    - Anna Jane xxx

  15. congratulations for having all those followers
    nice collection, the photos and the prints are great
    and the dress on the 5th photo is so nice

  16. wow I love these picture's ... the hat's in them are amazing. xxx Cool blog xxx

  17. those pictures look different but so great!

  18. Hey Clare, I've just discovered your blog - from a comment you made on Pixilated Blonde (my lone follower!) Your blog is so cool! Appart from the Weekday shots I don't think I#ve seen any of the images, which is refreshing! Keep up the good work, and maybe you might visit my blog (!!)


    The Style Rail

  19. These photos are freaky cool. Where do you find this stuff?!

  20. I cannot believe I've never seen these, they are just amazing. thanks so much for showing them!

  21. i love how gritty these photos are!

    maxwell conrad

  22. Congratulations for your big jump over 200. And great post to boot. Love the images. Well done Xxx

  23. very cool, like your blog very much:)

  24. Pictures are awesome and HOT.

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