Russian Aristocrat knitwear by Beatrice Korlekie Newman

Beatrice Korlekie Newman not only has the best name ever but she is also an incredibly talented, young knitwear designer. She showed at London Fashion week this season within the FAD show and was a finalist overall, so she's well on her way for her future career.

This collection takes inspiration from the opulence of historical empires, russian tsars and plenty of gold. I adore the rich colours, extravagance and the oversized knit accessories. The make up matches the tones of the clothes perfectly and blends her face into part of the look.

Photography by Helen Roscoe. For more info on her work, visit Beatrice's Not Just A Label page.

So, I've had my hair cut yet again, I look kind of like Matt from Busted though... Also, I got some beautiful brown leather, lace up boots with chunky heels for a whole £6! Bargainous!


  1. The body suit is so gloriously rodarty, and the dress is amazing. even though its a little out there, i would tame it and wear it weekly.

  2. Very interesting shoot.

  3. wow, beautiful pictures! Thank you for publishing them, I'm really inspired now!!! x

  4. As you know, I love a good knitwear designer and I'm really in awe of this one! I've never heard of her before, but her work is incredible. I can't imagine how many hours went into creating each garment!
    The colours are amazing too. I love that golden, mustardy colour. I am definitely looking forward to seeing more from this talented lady.
    Clare x

    loving this editorial, so chic
    thanks for sharing
    love the blog, keep it up


  6. this is a very neat shoot! i really like the makeup


  7. super stunning pictures! thanks for sharing this <3

  8. I really like the mannequin theme! Great photos and thanks for sharing.

  9. :( it's taking ages for me to load:S it's still loading im still waiting but i tot owh well leave a little comment ;) eehee xxx

  10. aww . omg cool photoshoot! thanks for sharing!! ehheeh i might steal one for my wallpaper collection tho :/ :P ehhe

  11. love it! the model's make up is awesome!

  12. amazing photos! i absolutely loveee them :)

  13. oh this is stunning.
    though the one with her in a plastic bag makes me uneasy :)
    thanks for the sweet comments! xx

  14. Yay, I've used Beatrice's collection before on a shoot of my own. It's really beautifully complicated!

  15. It's criminal how beautiful it is!


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