Kelly Anna's take on Miles Aldridge

How beautiful is this? Kelly Anna, the illustrator I featured recently, took inspiration from my Miles Aldridge post and dedicated a drawing to me! I love her style of drawing and it's really nice to see some colour along with it, you should all go and visit her blog for more illustration inspiration.

If anyone else has been inspired by anything on my blog, that is exactly what I was hoping for! It really makes me happy to be able to see the results, this drawing is so my new laptop wallpaper!

Hope you all have lovely days, will probably post again later!


  1. Gorgeous. Incredible colours. I wish I was artistic haha.

  2. looks beautiful

    hey in your blog all girls looks like dollss

  3. Some of her illustrations are pretty nice!

  4. Thanks for the comment :)
    Love this!
    Wish i could draw like this!!!
    Don't you?? :) xox

  5. that's so sweet of her and her illustration are beautiful! <3 love the colours btw :D

  6. Thanks for sharing, there so stylish with the denim on denim which is in. Aswel as the bra top! I agree that it's nice to see people making the most of silhouettes. Nice blog

  7. wicked illu!
    the room i'm in was at a casting we had. so wicked...didn't want to leave this place. haha
    have a good weekend


  8. the colours are brilliant!
    what a talented illustrator :)


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