Katie Eary by Kim Jakobsen To

I thought I'd do a cheeky menswear post for once! Katie Eary is a superb and exciting menswear designer, each season she challenges and explores different techniques ranging from gold exo-skeletal bones to duck tape trousers. Her A/W 10 collection was great but I recently found these images shot by Kim Jakobsen To for Rodeo Italy of her A/W 09 collection, which is personally my favourite.

These images are wonderfully styled and shot, with such attitude that the collection calls for. I've had the union jack trousers for a shoot and had to mend them with copious amounts of tape after them being mistreated by a rather established magazine, but it's nice to know I've had a little hand in something great!

Katie's own personality is entirely reflected in her work, she's the only designer I've met who wears tiny denim shorts and skyscraper wedges all day everyday in the studio, I kind of want to be her...

Katie's website is under construction but go have a look anyway! Kim Jakobsen To can be found here, his work is beautiful and well worth having a gander at.

Images by Kim Jakobsen To and Brett Lloyd.


  1. Nice blog + nice post! Follow eachother?

    xxx Rikst.

  2. Follow you too yet! =)


  3. oooooh, tribal warfare! i like that. who says menswear is only for men? i'd gladly partake in any of that action! your job must be fab, aha, no matter the destruction cause i'd always love the opportunity to spy on new possible editorial selections, etc!


  4. Great looks!!
    Love the first pic and the trousers and the third pic =)


  5. I think i'm siding with the boots too, because, like you, i'm a basics girl... but the zebra ones keep calling to me in my dreams. decisions decisions.

  6. It's so cool you got to work with Katie Eary's stuff on a shoot, definitely looking forward to seeing what's next from her!


  7. These images actually scare me a little? haha! But I just can't stop looking at them!
    I love the 2nd one especially, and the trousers in the 3rd... It may be meswear but I REALLY want a pair!



  8. OMG these are just so awesome!. Gaaahh beautiful pictures :) btw the trousers look special :) eheh!


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