Monday, 29 March 2010

House of Architects, mysterious milliners...





Quite honestly, their name is pretty much the only solid information I have about House of Architects...

I remember seeing this collection last summer on Coute Que Coute (which is where the images are from) and decided to revisit them to see if any more information had surfaced on them but alas no. Their website is still 'coming soon', but I think 'soon' has already passed it it's been nearly a year!

Even though I know pretty much nothing about them, it doesn't stop me loving them. They are not just hats, they are pieces of art. During my rather epic googling session trying to scrape together some information on Hosue of Architects, I've seen quite a lot of accusations flying about, mainly claiming that they are completely ripped off Tomoko Fuse, who dos some rather amazing origami.

Frankly, they remind me of Fred Butler if she decided to have a go at eveningwear... If anyone does know anything about them, please let me know!

There's shoes and accessories up in the tweet Ebay shop and I will be selling my vintage wares this weekend in Manchester if anyone's around and would like to come say hi!


  1. I like the origami inspirations - would be interesting to see a comparison of the other designer with these. I think they're lovely!

  2. Suddenly I have a strong urge to play Hextet....

  3. These remind me of something Lady Gaga would wear. Not something I'd walk down the street in, but something very admirable to look at, anyway! And the model featured is absolutely stunning too.

    - Anna Jane xxx

  4. woww I think these photos are amazing!! the designer is really good! I like the mixture between fashion and architecture and I think this really reflect that!


  5. You always find the most interesting collections, I love it! I'm really into interesting hats these days, I just wonder when I could ever wear them...

    xoxo Maria

  6. Wow. These are amazing. I especially like the one on the bottom left. But they look like they would give a headache.

  7. I`m loving the second last picture, it`s almost as gorgeous as that very interesting hat!

  8. What interesting hats!
    I think I would wear one with some crazy clashing prints and pretend to be some kind of english eccentric, if I had the chance. I really do love unusual headwear.
    That final dress looks fabulous with it, by the way!
    I hope to hear more from them at some point.
    Clare x

  9. Amazing post! Beautiful pictures! You always know exactly what to write and comment on. Guess that's why I love ya!

  10. I surprisingly like these hats! The purple one reminds me of grapes..

    (And for the Sketchbook thing, if you're based in the UK, the exhib is on for 3 weeks! So hopefully there may be a chance you'll be down in London? But i'll take photos either way for my blog so you won't have to miss out! :) )

  11. These make me want to rock some incredible Gaga-like ensemble.

  12. Great pics!
    Thanks for sharing<3

  13. GORGEOUS editorial shots
    loving the inspiration
    thanks for sharing darling
    and thanks for the sweet comments, means so much!


  14. I'm suddenly craving geometric accents in my everyday clothes-- like a dress with hexagon pleats.

    Gorgeous photos!

  15. These are constructed so beautifully I am in awe. CAN'T STOP STARING.


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