10 Favourite Things

Alex Loves and Sabine Psynopsis gave me an award and I thought it would make quite a nice post (and let me be quite self indulgent...) so if you have any questions or would like to get to know me a little better, just ask in the comments section! They are just things, not family or friends because they go without saying plus they don't like having photos taken...

They're not in any particular order, just as and when I thought of them....

1. Favourite Accessories Designer

Fred Butler has been my favourite accessories designer/set wizard/blogger for a rather long time now. She's just a little bit wonderful....

2. Favourite Jewellery Designer

Who doesn't love Fannie Schiavoni's work? That's what I'd like to know... It's beautiful, interesting and unique.

3. Favourite Shoes (as of this morning...)

The lovely Susie Bubble posted these amazing Finsk shoes this morning and I immediately fell in love. Finsk have always been a firm favourite of mine but this is just, wow...

4. Favourite Film

This was a tough decision but I settled on the film that I've loved without fail every time I've sen it, which is a lot... Amelie is a beautiful, vibrant and just plain lovely film. It never fails to cheer me up.

5. Favourite Band (at this very moment in time...)

I like a massively varied amount of music so had to choose what my favourite band of this precise second... Slow Club have always been up there in my favourites but seeing as the sun has just come out, their music is just perfect for how I'm feeling. I thoroughly suggest you listen to them or go and see them as soon as you can.

6. Favourite Food

I would gladly eat Paella every single day if I could, it's delicious.

7. Favourite Country

I haven't actually been to Thailand yet, but it's been a pretty much lifelong dream to go that I will fulfil in May this year, I am so excited it's not even healthy...

8. Favourite Style Blogger (at the moment...)

Calivintage always has gorgeous, original outfits to show us with really nice photography. My favourite blogger changes pretty much every day but today is a Calivintage day. Plus, I think she looks scarily like me in some of her photos so that's fun to freak myself out...

9. Favourite Illustrator (at the moment...)

Illustrators are another favourite that change pretty regularly but I can't help but love Krisatomic's work, they are so fun, pretty and captures the essence of the designs perfectly.

10. Favourite Magazine (at the moment...)

I have about a million favourite magazines but Sketchbook is at the top of the pile at the moment, it's so unique and has a very crafty feeling about it which I love. The current issue is a Bloggers special so go get it quickly as I think the new one is due rather soon. Sketchbook are also having a pop up shop in Carnaby Street which will have many a valuable lecture and events, see their website for more details.

So they are my 10 favourite things, well, at this moment in time. I think it would take forever for my indecisive brain to choose my favourite things of all time.

As is tradition, I now nominate 10 of my favourite bloggers to tell us their favourite things (you don't have to...) so here goes!

Nice Try, Radio (This is my boyfriend, go harrass him)
London Rose

And a special 11th mention to Fashion156 because you all know how much I love them


  1. amazing second picture! and i love audrey tatou, she's adorable :) ooh and the illustrations of those miu miu beauties are fab!

  2. now we know! buckets will do the same very soon, what a nice idea for getting to know everyone.

    do you like the prawns in the dish? surely not

  3. wow those shoes are mad mad mad xoxox

  4. those shoes are AMAZING! and i love amelie and thailand.. take me there now! great blog


  5. love the same movie, music group.. and I would like to visit Thailand one day!!
    greetings from rome!

  6. Hi Clare - Love your choices and because I'm a great fan of your blog I gave you a little award, too.

  7. I was in awe when I saw those shoes on Style Bubble. Amazing. And I totally agree, Fannie Schiavoni's work is stunning.

  8. not a fan of the house of hollland, but definitely one for green houses

  9. This is so cool - I love Amelie, it's my favourite film!

  10. I never heard of Fannie Schiavoni but I checked her out and her designs are amazing!
    Those shoes are so gorgeous! Though they look like it would be impossible to walk in them
    And I love calivintage, such an amazing sense of style!

    Great great post :)

  11. Those shoes are crazy!... and I love 'em!!

  12. all interesting favorites and some havent heard of and will check out


  13. we have so much in common...love everything you posted, too!

  14. Wow, those Finsk shoes are just to-die-for. Oh, and I share your love for Fred Butler.


  15. the shoes are so good. ill try to do this v. soon.

  16. The shoes are awesome!
    Lovely post!


  17. I saw those Finsk shoes and they are fascinating! I would love to visit Myanmar..

  18. Great post!! I would love to visit Thailand as well!!

  19. those finsk shoes are out of this world! crazy.

  20. Great post Clare and thank you very much for the mention. Really enjoying your blog and great to see it being updated so frequently. Speak soon. Guy , Editor @ Fashion156.com x

  21. cONGRATULATIONSSSSSS....I follow you...Muaks...I love your fantastic blog...

  22. i love your blog, and i agree, amelie never fails to please! congrats on the prize!


    without seeming forward and rude it would be amazing if you or any readers could check out my blog, its very lonely!


    lots of lvoe

  23. i thought this was a lovely post actually - not self-indulgent at all, just a nice insight into things. thank you again for your mention! i will try and come up with something quite as interesting as yours!

    and Fannie's chainmail delights are so good it hurts, i wish i had more money in the pot than i do, to baaaaaaaad!

  24. LOVE THIS POST! it's nice to find out a little more about you :)
    I'm a huge fan of Fannie Schiavoni too, she's amazing.

    thanks for passing it on to me :)



  25. Great to find out more about you! I have to agree with no. 6, paella,paella,paella. That's what I am having for lunch today. Love your posts as always lady! xxx

  26. awww yes Fannie Schiavoni has lovely work!!
    That picture of thailand is amazing! Wish you have an amazing time in Asia :D

    Nice of you for doing this post! Got to know more about you! :D xxxx

  27. You will LOVE Thailand... I am currently living here (in Bangkok) until June! My third time here... and am coming back again in July/August.

    Also, I am CRAVING paella now so cheers for that haha x

  28. Just when I thought you'd lost it, talking about paella in a comment, but now it makes sense haha.
    Not much in the way of paella here though doll, you might have to pack some in your suitcase. Recommendations in Bangkok? We have many!!! Email us and we'll forward you some things that are up there on our list!! xxx


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