You silver fox

When I was younger I always wanted to wake up one day with a flash of grey running through my dark, boring hair. This actually came up in conversation recently over a shoddy episode of Gok's Fashion Fix or some such rubbish. So when I saw these images on Refinery 29 I regressed right back to my 9 year old dreams. 

Might have to invest in a cheeky little bit of white hairspray...


  1. aha, i'm so glad it's not just me who feels this way! i wrote an almost identical blog post the other day on this very topic! i can't get enough grey into my wardrobe, and the idea of taking it further excites me more than it ought to at my age!

  2. isnt that the cheap monday show? im sure that had some of this going on there. i love grey hair of ladies

  3. It was Cheap Monday yessss, definitely going to have to rip them off :)

  4. I love this so much! The grey is so lovely.

  5. I tracked down this post (which took bloody ages) just to tell you there are a few people with this type of painted on grey hair in the new Kelly Rowland video.

    Cause you like this AND you like K Ro.

    Just thought I'd say...


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