London Fashion Week has begun!

Just a very short and sweet, pictureless post... I'll update properly over the weekend will all of the fun stuff! I've just been to The Benefit Bloggers Breakfast where we were taken through how to do the key beauty trends for this season, including a drowned look for David Koma... I also got my brows waxed and a bag of goodies to play with that I'll have to do some kind of tutorial for y'all.

I was slightly starstruck by the bloggers at benefit, the french elite were there in full force with The Cherry Blossom Girl, Le Blog de Betty, Tokyobanbhao and Pandora in attendance.

Got to run backstage, check back for pictures and reviews all next week!


  1. have an incredible time!
    just found your beautious blog and will be following...
    come check us out in San Francisco when you have the time...

    xx Alex and Amy @

  2. i had a dream i met betty once... ah, now i feel like a loser <3 C

  3. sounds like so much fun! can't wait to see your posts :)



  4. Very jealous. Will check back for posts!

  5. sounds awesome!!! have loads of fun ;)

  6. have fun!! can't wait for the updates :D X

  7. WOOTWOOT!! cant wait to see the collections!!

  8. sounds like an amazing little meet-up !! look forward to hearing more about that! i wouldn't have known where to look. however, i would have looooved eyebrow waxing, how was it, do they look superb afterwards? my eyebrows are non-existant because they are so fair, i always darken them, one night i'm going to go the whole hog and do dark brows a la everrrryone in beauty trends!

  9. pressé de voir la fashion week

  10. Can't wait to see your posts! Gotta love LFW. x


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