LFW - Holly Fulton, Craig Lawrence and Fannie Schiavoni

Sorry about the delay between LFW and this post, but my little sister had a baby today, I now am an Auntie to lovely little Ruby, so excited! But anyway, here is the first of a few posts, sorry for them being a little haphazard, but I'm ridiculously tired and a little bit giddy...

 These are images of Holly Fulton's A/W '10 collection from her exhibition in Somerset House over London Fashion Week. This has similarities to her previous collections but is much more involved and intricate, taking the majority of her inspiration from skyscrapers and elevators. This season is also a lot more wearable than the previous one, the clothes looked much easier for any body type to pull off. I love the semi-Transformer vibe going on in this collection, they're futuristic and a bit wonderful. For more info on Holly Fulton, visit her website.

Craig Lawrence is pretty much my favourite up and coming designer at the moment, it also helps that he is an absolute delight. He is an extremely talented knitwear designer who always find new ways to create something beautiful from a material, for example, this collection boasts an incredible jacket made out of very thin, metallic wrapping paper type thing. I love the way that, depending on the light, these pieces can be very see through or appear solid.

His designs are always form fitting, eroticised and creative. He was showing his new film of his collection over in the Digital Space at Somerset House, I headed over to see it in all its' glory, Craig immediately took me into the back and furnished me with Babycham... While I was there I also met Craig's Mum and Dad who are both lovely and both insist that they are the source of his talent. Lovely times! For more info, visit his website. The film is now up on Dazed Digital along with the lovely Fred Butler and Louise Gray.

Oh Fannie Schiavoni, you never cease to amaze me. She makes such simple things so beautiful. If I was confident or thin I would wander around covered in her chains thoroughly enjoying the clanking noise I made as I went. This season has developed on from her trademark chains, including extras like metal scales and grey sheepy material. I really don't have any more to say, I just love them, end of. For more info, visit her website.

There'll be plenty more posts to come from LFW, including show reports, make up tutorials and a cheeky outfit post! I think it's bed time now...


  1. freaking love Holly Fulton's stuff, i very very approve. also i need to show my friend Craig Lawrence's stuff, i think she will love it

  2. Holly Fulton's geometry entices me wickedly! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
    and a baby! congratulations. buy little girl sized Sonia Rykiel for H&M now, and in a few years she can be the hippest girl on the blog in vintage Rykiel.


  3. ooh I love london fashion week. It's always so much more fun than NY. x

    five-hundred blog

  4. Holly Falton and Fannie Schiavoni = WOWWWW! So incredibly inspiring.

    & a big CONGRATS on becoming an auntie!



  5. am totally in love with holly fulton's collection!! n congratulations on becoming an auntie!! <3

  6. So beautiful! Love the chain mail... <3

  7. i loved wandering sround the exhibitions it was so much fun - however me n my camera have had a fall out - it broke xxx

  8. great bag and top collection

  9. Those Craig Lawrence dresses look like liquid gold

  10. Oh, wow, I just saw your comment on mine & was curious.. congratulations to your sister! You're an aunt! (That's why my sister doesn't have time to read my blog btw: she's busy taking my niece to ballet & riding lessons).

    I haven't even had a chance to see the exhibitions yet, so this is providing a very helpful guide. I love the look of Craig Lawrence's stuff, I'm very into ripped knits. Can't wait to check it out tomorrow.

    Everyone is talking about Holly Fulton. I can't wait to see her clothes. Did you blag your way into her show Clare? If so: what is your secret???

    Congratulations to your sister, and to you on being an aunt! x

  11. I absolutely adore Craig Lawrence!!!!!

  12. Wow, I'm loving all of the harnessed goodness. I especially love it combined with the scales. It creates such an interesting texture. I also like it with the wooly stole. That would look incredible even over a simple tshirt dress! Such a fabulous mix of textures.
    Just happened across this blog today and I'm really enjoying it so far!
    Have a lovely day,
    Clare (Another one!)

  13. Hi, I found your blog through Jills, I was rather impressed you managed to blag Chris Kane!!
    Love all of these designers, I am hankering after one of Holly Fulltons neckpieces - so amazing!

  14. Congrats new Auntie!

    I really like those chain mail pieces, but I would also be self-conscious about any "clankage" noise.

  15. love this image of the gold pieces

  16. that body jewelry is the sickness. send me all of them, please? hah. in my dreams.

  17. Yay you were at fashion week too. The topshop area was really impressive I'm so glad you reported on it. Great breakdown!

    Totally following!

    MM x

  18. Congrats on the niece, babies are so adorable! Love the looks from Craig Lawrence.

  19. her stuff are AAAMAAZING
    i want them all in my wandrobe
    thanks for the heads up
    love ure blog btw xxx

  20. Thanks for all the comments everybody, have hopefully replied to you all apart from That London Girl, I can't get onto your blog! Thanks for the niceness :) x



  21. Those are stunning. I haven't seen a good chain harness in awhile, but these are gorge.

  22. wow wow wow... want all of those pieces.
    loving your blog dear.
    thanks for the visits :)



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