Jose Duran

I've always been a fan of Jose Duran's work, but his recent collection is even more stunning and rather sexy. I especially love the long length skirts and the spacious trousers, I want them but would look quite ridiculous.

I love the clean lines, monochrome colour palette, delicate draping and voluminous fabric, they just make me happy.

Visit his website or Not Just a Label profile for more info.

Right, shall I start doing outfit posts? I feel like my blog is just designer after designer, which I quite like but it can get a little repetitive... What do you think?


  1. nice work, as always yes I do like mono, esp in certain cuts and what not. the trousers are excellent, you could always try it or even just buy some jersey and fashion it into a floor length skirt?

    i wouldnt mind seeing more of clares face on the blog no.



  3. I really love the shot in the white dress, her hair looks amazing. Great pictures, thanks for sharing!


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  5. This collection is fabulous. I'm not sure I could pull off those pants either, lol. The cut and tailoring of the pants and some of these shirts are just amazing though. I'm really impressed.

    I think you should do outfit posts! They are fun, plus you never know what other fashionistas you will inspire with your unique style! :)

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  7. Thank you for dropping a comment!
    We love Gustav Klimt too, it was very funny design crocheted hair-accessories taking inspiration from his Art..

  8. I loveeeee all the designer stuff you post - you never fail to inspire me - but I would be so excited to see some of your outfits! It'd be great to see your style and how these designers inspire what you wear. PLEASE do outfit posts? Pretty please? Haha :)



  9. amazingg pics
    love your blog

  10. do outfit posts!

    PS. great photos, on every single post, where do you find out about them all? or do you just search them online until you find something good?


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