Hannah Beth Stenberg

I've just stumbled across Hannah Beth Stenberg's LCF graduate collection while wandering my way through the world wide web. I love the way it look so very awkward and impractical to wear but also incredibly comfortable. I think the soft colours and familiar fabrics cancel out the strange, stiff shapes of the jackets. Not too keen on the jeans but I think they work as a complete look and I very much enjoy the ugly/pretty footwear.

She doesn't seem to have a website at the moment but hopefully there's more to come from her...

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  1. So much talent coming out of Arts London it’s amazing. The structured jackets are brilliant. I love Dean Quinn too; I posted about him a little while back I am looking forward to seeing what his next steps will be.

  2. Love the colors, but i dont like the clothes!

  3. adore the jean...

    what a lovely/odd style

  4. You have such a great blog!! I love the designers you featured! xoxoxo

  5. http://berlin-fashionunplugged.blogspot.com/

  6. love this! i actually like the jeans but i will never wear it cause i dun think i'll look good in them ;) :$ eheh


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