Sunday, 7 February 2010

Fishing Jewellery

So the other day I went to a fly fishing shop and picked up lots of weird and wonderful (and cheap!) things, and, along with a bag of broken jewellery I made them into other things. There are feathers, fishing weights, fishing chenille and some kind of bobbin tool. Apologies for me showing my grumpy face but the black earrings just wouldn't photograph properly, though they look the worst I think they are my favourite, they have a kind of hairy quality that reminds me of a lot of things seen on the A/W '09 catwalks. 

It would be nice to hear what you think of them and if you've had a go at any similar projects, I recommend you do! 8M5QTMTYT48A



  1. inspired! I am always looking for new places to find jewellery/craft making stuff and have never thought to look in a fishing shop... great idea!

  2. really clever clare, im looking forward to seeing these up close too. hopefully we can do some more diy projects at work when i return.


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