Pia Stanchina

Sadly, sustainable fashion is not always the most beautiful thing on the planet, but Pia Stanchina is changed all that. She uses only natural, sustainable, organic and recycled materials to create her beautiful work. These delicate pieces look like they could be returned to nature at any time, lovely petal shapes and natural, flowing fabrics create smooth lines.
I think they're really pretty and kind of reminds me of those barbies with wings in the 90's, anyone else remember those or is it just me?

Visit her website or profile on Not Just A Label for more info.

In other news, I got my tragus pierced, my boyfriend thought it was somewhere rude and was rather shocked, it's not, he's stupid. I also had a very good meeting with Manchester Fashion Network who I handle all of their social networking etc so hopefully will be doing a lot more with them in the future! I'm currently on tenterhooks as my little sister is about to give birth at any minute, it was due on Sunday and no sign of it yet...


  1. Beautiful photography.



  2. hey was wondering if we could exchange links? mines www.vampires-and-cardigans.blogspot.com and ive already put you on mine :) thanks! xxx

  3. Wow!! Her clothes are just so romantic and poetic!! xxoxoxo

  4. Stunning. I want these looks from head-to-toe.

  5. The watercolor look of the fabric is too lovely. Just wow.


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