Coco and Niamh

How ridiculously lovely are these photos? Rather, I'd say.

They are showcasing the design work of Coco Asper Valdes who has just complete her Fashion Design and Technology MA at LCF. Her designs are beautifully structured with clean, smooth lines running throughout the collection in feminine colours. One of my favourite parts of this collection are the hats, made in collaboration with Niamh Flanagan, they are so simple, delicate and elegant.

The styling of this shoot reflects the collection so well, in a kind of 40's way. Looking forward to seeing more from both of these designers, top notch! Here's a video of the runway show too, it's worth a look!

(images from showtime by Rebecca Miller)
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  1. very nice indeed, ace tones. and the colours of my slightly updated blog i may add

  2. when i saw this my first reaction was OMG sooo gorgeous :D
    where do you come to know all these beautiful pics/designers ?
    (Y)i especially love the first picture!! <3

  3. They're just either designers I worked with where I worked before or ones I've stumbled upon on the internet! The first pic is my favourite too :)


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