Charlie le Mindu

After the slight hairy-ness of the last post, I got thinking about Charlie le Mindu. Charlie is a French hairdresser extraordinaire, he's taken hair styling and wig making to a completely new level and gone a little bit mental (in a good way) with it. He has an established salon in Shoreditch and tends to many a celebrity, editorial and popular beat combos such as MGMT.

The images above are from his S/S '10 lookbook and are visually stunning, I especially love the hair cage and lips, they make me happy.

He also has a blog and a shop too so do have a look.


  1. hi, i just came to know your blog :) nice blog :D

    I especially the eiffel tower n lips hair XD they look cute! ehhe

  2. fabulous fabulous fabulous xoxox

  3. excellent, what a great set of images. the one with the hair with a door does remind me of the mighty boosh guy

  4. Waouh, Great pictures!!I really like this Work on Hair!!That's really funny but very elegant!

  5. Fantastic and bizarre all at the same time!

  6. wow - incredible hair!
    i'm so jealous ;)

  7. I love this pictures, where did you got them from? XOXO

  8. Thanks for all the comments!

    The images are from his lookbook on his website -

    tweet x


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