Shredded T-shirts

I had entirely forgotten about my shredded delights until Camille reminded me via a comment. I've been so busy recently with moving from uni to home, seeing loads of people, un packing, then re packing ready to move down to London tomorrow. It's all been a bit hectic but I found all of my shredded things whilst packing today so thought I'd take a little break to take some photos before I have to go to work.

Because everybody in the blogging World seems to have done straight up shredding of a full t shirt, I decided to shred little bits. I did do a full shirt too but I thought these were a nice change. I did the sleeves of this plain black t shirt I got for about a pound from a charity shop, I haven't worn it out yet but I like it.

Sorry about the photo, my camera battery ran out before I got a chance to get a good 'un. I've shredded the neck of this big purple t shirt in lines so it looks a little bit like feathers, kind of...

Let me know what you think! I should really get some outfit posts up, I can never get a good photo of myself and feel silly asking anyone else, so i shall conquer my fear!


  1. wooow love the first one just on the sleeves.looks amazing. wish i had the time and patience to do one always seems so labour intensive. you've done a great job though

    camille x

  2. I loveeee the shredding on the purple tee!! love it! <3

  3. You're looking just fine, sweetie.

    Good to see you again.



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