Rock Wizard

I've been crazy busy the last week what with work (we've had shoots, returns and writing to do) so when the weekend came I fully embraced it. I went to the lovely Das Wanderlust's album launch and also saw Euros Child and the Bobby McGees, sadly I miss Emil Friss but made friends with him all the same. My friend Jon came down the next day and I went out for dinner with and then saw his band, Fonda 500. All of the bands were brilliant, i was smiling all the way through both evenings.
The best thing was the introduction of the Rock Wizard aka Laura from Das Wanderlust dressed up in the beard I made her and a cape she made herself. My boyfriend just told me that it was mentioned on Amelia's blog which is one of my favourites so I'm rather pleased.

I should be receiving some socks from Ozone soon as a thank you for me writing a blog post about them over at Do go over and look at it!

Ooh I met Jiwon Jahng who i blogged about on Fashion156 early last week under the first Not Just a Label post (I did two...) about The Shop opening today. The Shop is amazing, have a look. I didn't actually realise I'd met her, I went to meet her to return some of her clothes and assumed it would be an intern picking them up... Silly me.

This is some of her work, it's beautiful. If only I'd have realised who she was so I could shower her with praise!


  1. ohhhh I loveeeee this!! <3 <3 <3 I want I want :)

  2. you have many fingers in many pies at the moment! whens it my turn


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