Old man trousers

I seem to be wearing a lot of old man things, namely glasses and trousers, these days. I got these ones at a charity shop and I love them, I don't care if they make me look fat or mental.

This photo was taken in the toilets at The Ritz in Manchester while I was taking streetstyle photos for Manchester Fashion Network, it was a very fun night but I had to leave before the catwalk show because of stupid trains. Though going home early made me able to go out and have lots of dancing fun.
The next day we ventured to Alton Towers, which was ridiculous amounts of fun. I wore my big, yellow doc martins and they enjoyed it too.

Sadly, it was the last day of proper group fun as Graeme and Jon are leaving today, they're going to America for their second year so I probably won't see them for a long time, sob.


  1. trousers like rik mayall used to wear in bottom. they deserve a facebook group!

  2. So far I've had Angela Lansbury and Rik Mayall from those trousers, two people I adore therefore these trousers win!

  3. great trousers!




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