Monday, 4 May 2009


I don't actually remember a time when I couldn't knit, I'm sure this is down to a bad memory and not to a prodigal, knitting baby.

Nowadays I'm branching out from straight, block colour scarves and have been experimenting with tubed knitting using a knitting contraption I made out of a toilet roll tube and trimmed ear bud thingies, It's based on a wooden one I had when I was about 7 but a little more haphazard and made out of bathroom things...

Anyways, it means I can make thick, woollen tubes and stuff them to make cushioned loops. If you join these together they can make the comfiest necklaces/scarves. Apologies for the bad photos, I'm midway through taking things home and I appear to have taken my camera lead home and I'm still at uni, so my phone will have to suffice.

I've also made thinner ones and linked them together to make woollen, paper chain style necklaces. This one always gets a lot of attention when I go into fabric shops and libraries strangely.

I've been trying to find interesting knitting blogs that offer more than just how to knit a cardigan or make pom poms, it seems knitting sites for younger knitters are very hard to come by and still only offer multi-coloured bobble hats for boyfriends.
I've managed to collect all of the 'Stitch 'n Bitch' books over the past few years thanks to Christmas and Birthdays which do offer younger knitting designs, however I have very little use for a crocheted cowboy hat. The Stitch 'n Bitch website has some free patterns but still not as innovative as I'd like.

I stumbled across Knitkicks yesterday and haven't stopped looking at it since, there's no patterns or how tos but it serves well as inspiration. Some of my favourite knitwear designers have been featured including Louise Goldin and Sibling. Emma Bell has also been featured, who's designs are amaaaaazing.

If anyone knows any more knitting blogs please let me know.


  1. Hi, I am just getting my knitting blog started but please feel free to drop by and have a peek...cheers my blog address is

  2. other than the fab link scarfs someones got a new header!


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