Henrietta Ludgate

Central St Martins don't half produce some talented graduates. Henrietta Ludgate has worked as a stylist for Charlize Theron and Maggie Gyllenhaal and worked with designer Osman Yousefzada (If you haven't seen his collections have a look, they're stunning) and then ventured back to her native Scottish highlands to set up her very own label. It's received major critical acclaim through Glasgow Fashion Week and is stocked in some of Scotland's chicest boutiques.
Her A/W '09 collections are beautiful though juxtapose one another.Collection One is a pristine collection of white, well tailored clothing. With a stand out fluffy waistcoat, the collection does have an interesting twist but seems a little plain compared to Collection Two.
Collection Two is, like so many other A/W collections, inspired by the 1980's but with a fifties twist. The strong, structured items are made in the most beautiful silk, though the quality of the silk doesn't come across in the catwalk images have a look at the catwalk video.
This is my favourite piece, it seems more conceptual than the others which are a little reminiscent of the Peter Jensen for Topshop dresses, plus I like a little bit of cagey action.


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