Cocorosa has been dabbling in experimental, embellished tights for a while now. She gave one away in a special giveaway but now has started selling them on her Etsy. The tights are lovely and I quite fancy some... Go check them out now!

Ooh also, I've been shredding t shirts thanks to a tutorial the stuff sale, i'll get some pictures up soon.


  1. hollies been doing one for what seems like months now. is yours looking good?

  2. oh and those tights a just so expensive and good looking, is there a price?

  3. That's very pretty, makes her look like an angel.

  4. cant wait to see the shredded tee's

    camille x

  5. Oh! I entirely forgot to take photos of them, I've been crazy busy recently, I'll do some soon :)


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