Tax discs

I was doing some research on David David for a uni project (more on that later...) and came across these delightful tax disc holders called Pretty Taxing. They are exclusively commissioned tax discs, only 500 of each line are made so they are really quite something. Each one comes with a certificate of authenticity and it's signed by the artist. The fashion collection are changed often to keep up with trends and are £15, I want one but my car's broken, saaaaaadness.

Green Knickers - Natasha Law

Beautiful Impact - Boudicca (love these)

Bling Splat - Stuart Semple

One where all sides and angles are equal - David David

They are available here go go go!


  1. ohhhh which one would you have? i like the top one but id look pervy so id go for the last one

  2. I know, I like that one too. We'll just have to be pervy...
    I like the Boudicca one and the daviddavid one, i like all of them actually...


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