Lick my Legs

I like raunchy French t shirts. I want one, though I don't think i'm any where near edgy enough to pull it off...
Here's a link to Lick my Legs for more scary erotica on t shirts. It's too bad the £/Euro conversion rate is so bad at the moment otherwise one would be on its way to me right now.

I get to pick up my old man glasses tomorrow, I finally decided I should get some back up glasses in case I run out of contacts or lose them etc so I've chosen some massive old man ones. Silly thing is, my friend Claire got the same ones on the day I chose mine, good job she lives in Sunderland.


  1. Love the 3-D anaglyphic reference in the first tee!

  2. well into the tshirts, dont say your not edgy, shush just get one anyways.

    and which glasses?NHS ones?

  3. ohhh these are awesome!! great finds!! <3 <3


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