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I've just read the Ponystep interview with Susie Bubble and instantly regretted turning down the chance to interview her a year or so ago just because my PR teacher wouldn't let me do it for a project, I should have just done it anyway. It's a lovely, in depth interview that reveals Susie's thoughts on fashion in a way I've never read in any of her other media coverage.

Susie Bubble has been my inspiration and aspiration since she started blogging in 2006. I read her blog every day and respect her fashion choices, however barmy they may seem, as I too would love to see fashion become more objective and less criticised in the glossies such as Grazia.

I have just got in from a night out so this post may be a little vodka fueled and gushy but it's still true. Also on said night out I found the perfect library chair for my future library, it's not the one pictured below but it's similar. I can imagine myself sitting there with a nice book and a massive dog at my feet.

I did a little charity shopping today on my way to get food for tonight's barbecue and brownies, I got a paisley shirt, a white, pleated old lady shirt and a brown, leather belt. I shall put some pictures up at some point as I never do. Anyway, enough of my inane ramblings, goodnight.


  1. ahhh I would have been so great to interview her... next time! and yes charity shopping is the best :) xoxo

  2. so close, i wish you told me this in the first year!! though we didnt know each other then.

  3. It would have been! I should have just done it anyway for fun...
    Silly teacher not letting me!


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