Wednesday, 8 April 2009


I've just returned home for Easter, with A LOT of bags of clothes, and am ready for at least a weeks' worth of fun. I'm off to the Monkey Forest tomorrow for my friend Fiona's birthday, I'm a little bit excited but I'm not the biggest fans of monkeys... It'll be fun even if it does mean that Jim's jealous of me for a while...
I'm having a lazy night tonight, drinking wine and watching films with my mother. A parcel was waiting for me with 'Like Water for Chocolate' in it so I may watch that later, I love that film. I shall also be listening to my boyfriend and our friends Clare and Russ's Radio show on Chorley FM tonight. They have nice, special chats that few other people will understand.
This is a very ramble-y post... Ah well. We went for a little day trip to Windermere the other day, rented a motor boat and had a little adventure on the water so I thought I'd put some pictures in to add interest to a rambling post about nothing.


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