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It's nearing the time of handing in for our final project of year 2. It's been a very short project, we've only had two weeks from brief to hand in, so things have been a little rushed. I managed to squeeze in a photo shoot with my friend Henry though and have been editing the images, inserting my sneaker design into the images and creating all manner of promotional material to go with it.

The project was to make a collaboration between a designer (or other talented person) and a trainer company, I chose David David and Simple Shoes to fit in with A/W trends for geometric/80's style prints and eco friendly products. They are shoddily photoshopped but they are just to give the idea of the shoe, too many other things to do to make them look amazing!

Here are a few images with the shoes in.


  1. You're a great photographer. Are you at uni? I had my first day at 156 today, was pretty majah.

  2. Sadly I didn't take the images, just styled them! My friend Henry took them, he's damn good.
    Oooh, I thought you were starting in June, how did it go what did you do etccccc?

  3. Well, I love the styling too! Well, I don't officially start till June 1st you're right, but they needed some help with returns? I wandered around London with millions of bags full of designer clothes to return post shoot. I was in heaven sorted the Margiela from the Mcqueen. Really looking forward to meeting you. More pictures of your work please! I'm running a new blog, www.brightonfrocks.wordpress.com :) xxx

  4. Ah right, that sounds fun! We'll be running around together with all the clothes soon, I'm excited, looking forward to meeting you too. I'm on holiday for Easter at the moment so my posts will be less fashion and more 'look what I did today!'.
    Your new blog is great, well written, entertaining and informative, keep going! xxx


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