I got some yellow doc martins from Oxfam vintage. I am smitten with them, i don't care if they look silly, I want to wear them always. Apologies for the bad picture.


  1. we have a small and selective crew now, who will be next to join......hummm

  2. They don't really need much to join, technically... Just doc martins.

  3. and the also need to be geeks, see its selective

  4. Ah, fair enough. We are massive doc martin wearing geeks...

  5. Yellow Docs! What a brilliant find!:)
    I have a bit of a thing for docs since my teenage years (the 90s) when I used visit the Doc shop and stare longingly at them - I could never afford them out of just my pocket money - but one year I persuaded my Mum to let me get the Doc Shoes as my school shoes - I wore them to death. I finally fulfilled my dream of owning a pair of doc boots when I bought a pair recently on e-bay. They're just black though not as cool as yours. I think I'd like a flowery pair next!.

  6. I originally wanted black ones too but then saw the lovely yellow ones and got them instead, they make me happy. Glad you got some, you can be in our club too! My mum has some flowery ones, come to think of it, they'd fit me now...


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