Wake up call

I really need to stop letting my nerves get the better of me. But, they have been ignored and I start working at Fashion156 in May, i'm very excited but scared.

I wasn't feeling too great about it all, due to a rather nervy, disappointing interview, so cheered myself up with a trip to Borders and some Rolos. Magazines are so much more accessible in London, for example, they sell Man About Town and Dazed and Confused at newspaper stands. Preston doesn't have this luxury sadly.

After collecting a little bounty of glossies I wandered around Islington in the sun for a little while and then made my way back to Preston. I read every word of Wonderland on the way home and one tiny article made me do a little smile after feeling quite bad about myself for the hours after the interview. The article was about the release of House of Flora's, owned by Flora McLean, first foray into dress design. Already an established brand specialising in modernist hats and accessories, featured in such magazines as Vogue and Wonderland and adorned the models for Givenchy runway shows. I didn't smile just at the introduction of dresses, it was because Flora's plan is to make one dress per season until she is 60. I think this is a very relaxed, unique and lovely way to approach fashion.

Information on House of Flora can be found here and dress No.2 for A/W '09 can be seen in this video created by Justin Anderson, there's also information about House of Flora on there which is much better than my ramblings.

I don't like doing image-less posts so here is an image of the new collaboration between Nike and Liberty. This is the second collaborative shoe Nike and Liberty have done, this time it's called 'The Blazer' and uses floral fabric swatches and quilting. Have a looky here for more info.
We got a new brief today to create a collaborative 'sneaker' using a person and brand of our choice, so this is quite fitting. Plus, I want some.


  1. see, it went much better than you expected! im really glad you got it though, london is for you! maybe me?

    ah yes i remember the nike/libertys first collection, these are in the same stylee. im quite excited about our new brief, lots of ideas buzzing around my head.

  2. Yeahhh...It didn't though. I'll make up for it later.
    Come join me!
    It should be good, i want to do loads of photo shoots...

  3. Ahhh!!! Well done! I am starting in June, so I am guessing I will see you there? I too am excited and vaguely nervous. During the interview, I couldn't hear much apart from my heart pounding haha! Well done!


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