Tweet twitter

I have succumbed and got myself a twitter. It's quite apt seeing as i tweet over here and i now tweet over there.

I'm in the middle of trying to decide what to wear tomorrow, I have an informal interview at Fashion156, I think i'll just wear black and hope for the best. My head really hurts on one side so I don't want to be trying on lots of things, i'd rather sit in bed reading blogs and magazines. I want some hot chocolate, mmmm, don't want to get up though.

I've just been sent some illustration work to do by Drunken Werewolf so that'll take my mind off it. I've just listened to them, only 'There's something in the water' all the way through, and they're rather good.

I need a very early night tonight as I keep going to bed at silly o clock and tomorrow i need to wake up at silly o clock. Boo. But i'm off to the bright lights, big city for a little chat with Fashion156 so that's nice.


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