Sunday, 22 March 2009


Toronto Fashion Week has just finished and it seemed to be quite a lot of the same. The same colours and shapes for the most part. There were some standout designers such as Joeffer Caoc who created simple, elegant designs. However, it was the students from Ryerson University that really caught my eye. 6 graduates were chosen to show their A/W collections.
The two designers that stood out to me were Kat Marks and Heidi Ackerman.

Heidi Ackerman specialises in innovative knitwear made from sustainable materials. Unlike others, Heidi has kept the fashion forward, highly creative look instead of just chucking in anything made from Hemp. I would love to have one of her jumper/dress things and never take it off.

Kat Marks is just an a different level though, with massive shoulder embellishments, pvc and what can only be described as sculpture. They stood, literally, head and shoulders above the rest. Her designs are just delightful in a bondage kind of a way.
For more information about Kat Marks, visit her website


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  1. Now they are something pretty special!! I love crazy stuff like this - even though I am a bloke!! Shame more of it doesnt make it to the highstreet! :p Great new blog, keep up the good work!

    Pop by sometime :)


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