Wednesday, 18 February 2009


Sadly, as soon as I've handed one project in, I immediately have to start another.
This one is an essay about whether Couture is relevant today or not, it is an interesting subject but I have minus motivation. I do like to write though so I'm sure i'll get into it soon. Hopefully.
I ransacked the library today, with the help of Mat and Grace, and came out loaded with books, relevant or not I haven't decided yet, and a video about Yves Saint Laurent.
I've watched the video, starting with the easy option of course, and YSL seemed like an incredibly talented but immensely troubled man throughout his life. I decided to do a quick doodle of him as I haven't posted anything for a while and it will get me in the mood for doing work.

I'm writing this whilst singing My Girl by Otis Redding VERY loudly. I adore him.

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