New Things

I've been doing some lovely shopping recently, as I felt the need to have some new things.

This dress is from Oasis, well the real one is this is obviously just a doodle, I think it's lovely.

I adore these boots. The price was originally £45 but had been reduced to £19, when i went to pay for them they'd been reduced all the way down to £9. I was one happy customer.
I've just been wearing them around the house so far but they'll be taken outside tomorrow.

I also finally found a good, big, black bag that I drew a picture of but it was just a lump of black so there's no point in posting it. It's from Topshop and it's lovely though.

I wish it would snow properly in Preston, people are having snow days in the South, no fair!


  1. those boots look abit snazz-a-rama, where did you get those from?

    don't forget your jeans for tomorrow evenings lesson.


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