Mister Rob Ryan

I adore Rob Ryan (www.misterrob.co.uk/), I have done since about year 12 when his work first caught my eye. He collaborated with Vogue, something he's done many time before and since, to make a paper cut dress.

It's just beautiful. His work inspired me to create my own paper dresses for my A level art and I loved every finger crippling moment. I also did a uni project based on his work, it was a window display for Habitat which is still on display on the wall at uni for anyone who's nosey and reading this at Uclan. My fingers are still slanted at the ends from holding a scalpel for so bloody long.

Just thought I'd do a quick post about him as it's coming up to valentines day and I was thinking of doing a little, romantic cut out card for my boyfriend.

What I really want is one of his 'Key's to my heart', just a laser cut plastic key but it's still lovely, I shall acquire some of his work some day. These look like they're wooden versions, the ones I saw were in a shop in Margate and were just as lovely.

Just click on the images to get the full picture.


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