Magic Sainsbury's

This is from yesterday whilst getting some shopping on the way back to delightful/rainy Preston, Sainsbury's is magic.

This is what I'm wearing today, I decided my blog needed more fashion as that is what I study (well the promotion of it) and a daily clothes update seemed a good way to go. Plus by using cartoons I can hide christmas podgy bits!

I've been listening to Alessi's Ark ( while drawing these and her voice is so soothing it's making much less stressed about the vast amount of work that is likely to be piled upon me in the upcoming weeks. I better get finishing some today actually, I already handed one piece in early today so I'm feeling better about it all.


  1. hey there!! so you found my blog, your one of the selected few so your abit special. i think you should carry on with the cartoon outfit thingy, i like it. its not often you get to be in a cartoon.

    i also think you should draw our london trip in cartoon form mmhmm



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