Wednesday, 28 January 2009


My day has been spent completing the epic amount of writing Fashion156 sent me to do in hope of becoming an intern for them.
Fashion156 is a fantastic magazine style website used as a platform to promote new and existing talent within the fashion industry. I would love the chance to work for them.
This is one of my favourite images from the website.

My Favourite Sport

Sadly it's not technically a sport. If it was featured in the Olympics, my name would already be on the list of those heading down to Stratford in 2012.
My Sport of choice I hear you ask? I am a hunter. Not the kind that results in dead pheasants everywhere, no, I am a skilled rummager.
I spend my spare time delving through charity shops boxes, hunting through vintage shop rails and trawling the internet for my second, third or fourth hand fix.
My belief is 'what goes around, comes around', which is a valid thought to have due to the nature of trend circulation in the fashion industry, though it seems to have left me with an abundance of beautiful clothes I barely ever wear.
I think this hesitance to throw anything away stems from my soon to be Mother's years at university when she left my soon to be Father in charge of taking a bin bag full of her clothes home for her. Unsurprisingly he forgot and the bag full of vintage dresses, handmade jumpers and Dr. Martens I could have been wearing are lost in the realms of their youth forever.
I don't want my children to miss out on the landfill full of loveliness that spans three wardrobes so I don't think my Father will ever be the first person I call to help me move house.

I invite you all, in this time of recession, to join me in the hunt.

I did this watercolour to go with the blog entry for Fashion156, hopefully they'll like it. I'm not holding out too much hope though.


  1. ahh i hope they give you a chance, what you were saying before sounded quite tricky and alot of work.

    ohhh no your dad left the bag full of wonderfulness!!! and a nice old pair of DMs too, you could of had them!
    well i'm of course on your side, i've been shopping charity/vintage places since i was prob about 16 (and i'm 23 now, shushhhhh) and i've bought some amazing things in my time. amsterdam had the most amazing amount of vintage markets, you wouldn't believe.

    whats the best thing you have bought?

  2. Claudia EzraeelianMon Mar 30, 01:39:00 am BST


    Did you get the place at fashion156? I filled out the application was soo long! :)

    Love your blog!

    Claudia xxx


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