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It was Jim's birthday on monday so naturally we went out and celebrated, even though Graeme was passed out on his bed by 9 and throwing up in the sink by 10, damn that Buckfast. Everyone else was much more well behaved and we had lots of fun because Jim is brilliant and deserves celebration.

I don't know why it was so hilarious but it JUST was, still is to be honest.

Also, my design (It's just down there by the way) for the bag for Graduate Fashion Week was selected to be entered in the proper competition, so hoorah!

Ooh, also, if you click on the images, they'll get bigger and actually readable.


  1. mines getting entered too so woop to us. your design is wicked and what a good concept!

  2. Your drawings are awesome! I have to admit I'm completely jealous about Rome. I've always wanted to go to Italy. :)

    Oh! Good luck with the contest. Your design looks great.

  3. Aww, it won't let me comment on your blog :(
    But thank you very much!
    I feel the same about needing to diet, i feel seriously unhealthy after christmas!

  4. Hello!

    I'm Hollie, Mat's girlfriend. I love how you do your blog with the little cartoons, very original. I particularly enjoyed the Sainsburys one, hehe.


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