Wednesday, 5 September 2007


I make jewellery by the way

The bird necklace is the very first necklace i made.

The bow necklace is the most recent one!

It keeps me amused :]


  1. Hi tweet, Thanks for visiting and commenting; I'm glad you liked the biscuits! Have replied to your question there, but will say here that my blog is like a visual notebook of things I like to photograph, pure and simple!

    From what is shown on your blog so far, you have talent, my girl! Hope you sell lots! Have bookmarked you and will visit often to see what you're up to! xxx

  2. Buttons & Bows! ~~(^_^)~~

    Girl Tweet! You are just too talented & Cute. Love it.

    Happy New Year.
    All the Best for 2008!



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