Friday, 14 September 2007

Scared, nervous, anxious, excited

Are all word that describe me! I move to university on Saturday and it's a very strange prospect. I'm half excited half nervy, I haven't even started packing ARGH!

I want to be there but i don't want to go...

In other news my boss at the restaurant loved my paintings, hoorah :]


  1. I had the same feeling. It's totally worth it though.

  2. Yeah my sis goes and she says it's cool once ya get into the swing of thigns. Good thing about your boss, too.

  3. Good luck,and have fun! What are you studying, or attempting to...?

  4. Good luck with school and good news about the paintings! Are you going to get credit for being the artist? Maybe you should have business cards ready at the restaurant in case any one else wants to commission a painting...

  5. Good luck to you, dear.
    You'll settle in, and all will
    be well.

    (Congrats on the Painting's success. I knew your boss would love them!)

    Ps: I replied to your comment (ie: Passenger)...I'll be away for a while.

    Take care.

  6. These are going to be your most enjoyable years. As soon as you arrive there, you'll see everyone else around you feels exactly the same. You 'll take it from there and you will have a blast of a time:)

    I read in your profile that, you like watching zombie films(hey you said it not me, LOL).

    You know in an alternate universe we would be married :)

    Oh what a quote for a first comment on your blog... the nerve of some people...LOL

    DP out!


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