Monday, 31 August 2015

One Jacket, Five Ways

If I could choose anywhere to live, it would probably be Paris. Ideally I'd magically be able to speak French and suddenly have a petite frame too, but give me the romance of the city, a macaron and a glass of champagne and I'd be content.

French style is just on another level, it's effortless and chic at all times. La Redoute recently surveyed 300 stylish French women to find out their style staples, they chose five essential pieces to build up a capsule wardrobe including a little black dress, fitted shirt, black jacket, skinny jeans and ballet pumps.

Armed with two very cute books about Parisian style, I was challenged to style up a classic black jacket five different ways channeling my inner Coco Chanel and offering you my style tips, so here we go...

How could I begin with anything but a Breton stripe top? The iconic stripes were made famous by Chanel after she was inspired by the navy uniform. Did you know that there are 21 stripes on a true Breton top, one for each of Napoleon's victories? I'm a fountain of knowledge! Anyway, I digress.

I styled up the Breton top with the my chosen black jacket, high waisted suede skirt with leather trim and, of course, a slick of red lipstick. I love the way the satin collar mirrors the leather trim of the skirt, it balances the look perfectly.

I wore this look as I was getting ready for our trip to Copenhagen to cover Copenhagen Fashion Week for work so it needed to be comfy and easy to wear.

We shot this at the end of our first day in Copenhagen, we spotted the amazing background from the street as we were walking home from our last show of the day.

Sometimes you just can't beat a head to toe black look and this was perfect for what I needed on the day, I wore this dress and jacket combination to travel in and run from show to show so it had to be loose and flowing as it was unexpectedly warm. But the jacket came in handy as night fell.

Day 2 of Copenhagen and the sun was shining! This called for a little white top, loose, wide legged trousers, white leather sandals, a pair of oversized sunglasses and my black jacket for when it got cold at the end of the day.

I love black and white at the moment, it's the ideal palette for this time of year when we're transitioning between summer and autumn.

Sigh, this was our last day in Copenhagen, it feels like so long ago! As much as I love wearing black, it's great to inject a little colour and these trousers are perfect.

Layering is great for the transitional period, I'm wearing cropped trousers, a longline top and the blazer to create interesting lines to break up the black. My fringe and hair fits in nicely too!

While we were in Copenhagen we had half an hour to spare before a show and there was a COS just around the corner so it seemed rude not to pop in. We obviously came out with a purchase or two and I was so happy with mine that I wore it home! This was my outfit for the flight home, my new COS sweatshirt, La Redoute jacket and black culottes, black and white again, I might be obsessed!

How would you style one of the classic pieces?

Friday, 28 August 2015

The Weekend Cocktail

It seems like a million years has passed since the last Bank Holiday so the prospect of three (three!) lie ins is a very welcome one. All hail the long weekend!

When better to indulge in a naughty little cocktail? Lambrini thought so too, so they have worked together with Matthew Soares, general manager of Cloud 23, to develop two signature cocktails that you can mix at home. I've always had a soft spot for Lambrini, especially the peach and cherry flavours at uni, so after a quick cocktail masterclass with Matthew, I thought I'd share a couple of recipes for you to try out this weekend!

The Birthday-Brini

Lambrini turns 21 in September, what better was to celebrate than with a cocktail? This rather sophisticated flute full is a twist on the Champagne Classic and it's bloody delicious.


Lambrini Truly Peach or Original
Fresh Pomegranate or Passion Fruit (depending on your taste)
Orange Liqueur
Sugar Cube
Orange Bitters


1. Spoon fresh pomegranate or passion fruit into a champagne flute
2. Soak a sugar cubes in orange bitters and drop into the glass
3. Add 25ml of orange liqueur and stir
4. Top with Lambrini Always Original (or Lambrini Truly Peach if you're feeling fruity)
5. Garnish with an orange peel twist or leftover pieces of pomegranate

Manchester Pride Cocktail

Developed with this weekend's Manchester Pride in mind, this cocktail is fun, full of popping candy and perfect for serving before you head out for an evening at Pride!


25ml Peach Schnapps
25ml Apple Schnapps
Popping Candy
300ml Lambrini Very Cherry


1. Wet the edge of the martini glass and dip in to the popping candy (ensure the rim is covered all the way around)
2. Measure 25 ml of peach schnapps and 25 ml of apple schnapps into a cocktail shaker
3. Shake vigorously
4. Strain the mixture into a martini glass - leaving some room at the top
5. Add a splash of Lambrini Very Cherry
6. Serve and enjoy!

I hope you have a lovely long weekend and that these cocktail recipes add a little sparkle to it!

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Top Knot

This is my last style snapshot of Copenhagen, sigh... I wore this super simple outfit to travel home on the last day; comfy culottes, white shirt and ankle boots polished off with a top knot. A standard travel look! My shirt is from Gant* and has been a go-to wardrobe staple recently, I either wear it tucked into a high waisted skirt or tied at the waist, it seemed like the perfect option for keeping comfy on the flight.

How beautiful is the location? It was just outside our hotel, right below the Planetarium looking out to one of Copenhagen's iconic rectangular lakes that are dotted around the city. It was pretty overcast on our last day (obviously because we were leaving) but the weather had been absolutely amazing, if you haven't been to Copenhagen before, I'd really recommend a visit in the summer! I'll definitely be heading back to see what it's like in winter.
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