Monday, 19 February 2018

Tweet Eats: Miller & Carter

One of my aims this year is to spend more time with my family, I'll be honest it's not going that well so far (my bad) but I'm planning to change that! This week I'm taking a couple of days off work for my niece's birthday so I can see her, my sister and my mum, it's so important to me to be able to spend more time with them and try to ignore work(ish) just for a day or two.

Last weekend I got to spend the day with my mum too after the lovely people at Miller & Carter asked us if we'd like to review their new restaurant in Lowton (near Warrington), which just happens to be in between our house and my mum's, it's like they knew! 

Steak is our weakness so we were there with bells on.

Friday, 9 February 2018

Be My Valentine

I'll be honest, I'm not a Valentine's kind of girl. I don't expect to be spoiled rotten or taken out for a meal, we tend to just use it as an excuse to have an M&S dine in for two! But one thing I do love to do is treat myself to a few luxury bits and bobs that you can either treat yourself to or drop some hints before V day.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Chocolate Chia Pancakes Recipe

Chocolate Pancake recipe healthy

Coming up is one of my very favourite days, Pancake Day! Any kind of day that celebrates a carb, I am fully on board with.

In recent years we've doubled up to make a meal out of it with a savoury pancake to start and a sweet for pudding, my first choice? Nutella all the way.

This year we've started experimenting early as Joe and I won't be together on Pancake Day, he's going to Italy and New York in the next couple of weeks, rather jealous! We started as we mean to go on, with a pretty hefty stack. These are actually relatively healthy(ish...) so I thought I'd share the recipe for you to try out if you fancy.


Monday, 29 January 2018

Silver and Gold

I wish I was one of those people who could get away with wearing exuberant earrings, brightly coloured necklaces and rings on every fingers à la Phoebe. But no, I'm more of a two rings max, in silver and gold as well as the same earrings day in day out for months kind of girl.

Even thought I'd love to channel my inner Pat Butcher, I do really love delicate jewellery and was lucky enough to get quite a few new bits and bobs for Christmas from my sister and Joe. They were too pretty not to share and I love the brands so much so I thought I'd dedicate a little blog post to them.


Sunday, 21 January 2018

A Bit of a Refresh

This year we promised ourselves we're going to tackle the house, get rid of those little niggly jobs we've been putting off and investing in bigger projects that we've, let's be honest, been ignoring.

We bought our Victorian terrace house over a year ago now and we are still in love with it, but there are a few bits and bobs that need fixing and improving sooner rather than later. There are big things like the leaky roof and little things like keeping on top of the housework with full time jobs, but we're making steps to make our home and lives better.

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