Saturday, 28 March 2015

Confession: I'm a Selfridges Beauty Hall Addict

My name is Clare Potts and I'm a Selfridges Beauty Hall addict. It is my guilty pleasure, even when I'm on a spending ban, everything else goes but Selfridges Beauty Hall stays!

This month has been no different, I've finally invested in the legendary Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation as well as sampling new beauty treatments so I thought I'd share my new favourite things from my yellow bag with you.

Double Wear is a foundation that I've heard so much about from other bloggers (thanks for the tip Hannah!), but never got round to trying out but with an all day wedding coming up and my current foundation just not cutting it anymore, I thought it was time to invest in a long lasting foundation.

I got colour matched and took home a bottle of Double Wear in Ecru which is a perfect match for my skin! I didn't realise quite how bad my previous foundation was until I tried out Double Wear, it instantly covered up all my blemishes, dark circles and redness, I was a convert. I've been wearing it along with Clinique All About Eyes Concealer this week and it can even withstand a 12 hour stint in the office under air conditioning, that's pretty impressive.

The Man has been juicing recently which I was totally against at the beginning but after seeing the results, I couldn't really argue with it as much as I want to seeing as food is my favourite. I'm not quite ready to be 24/7 hangry just yet but I've been trying out the Beauty and Go drinks that work from the inside out to detoxify and boost your skin's natural radiance. The range is exclusively available at Selfridges, I definitely need to try more to see the results but they taste yummy!

Last week I was invited to the Suqqu counter at Selfridges to try out their famous Gankin facial massage, after a long week of work it sounded like the ideal way to relax! I hadn't done much research on the massage before I went but Natalie explained the process before she got started and I'm very glad she did because it wasn't what I was expecting! Facials I've had in the past have been soft and gentle, focusing on the cleansing and moisturising of the skin but the Gankin massage was something SO different! It's an incredibly firm facial massage that tightens pores, increases blood flow, improves sagging of skin and makes a visible difference instantly. Afterwards, my skin looked brighter, firmer and glowing after just 3 minutes, kind of a mini facelift!

I also accidentally picked up a Bobbi Brown blusher and brush while I was there, I'm not entirely sure how it happened, I have a problem...

Is anyone else as obsessed with the Beauty Hall as I am? Please send help. Or a personal shopper...

Friday, 27 March 2015

Four Hand Creams You Need in Your Life

Hand cream is an absolute essential in my day to day life, I have around three on my desk at all times and countless tubes in my handbag, I may be slightly obsessed... But it is kind of necessary, I suffer from eczema on my hands so I need to keep them moisturised at all times. It's so hard to find hand creams that tick all of the boxes, the majority of them seem to be over scented or greasy but I've hunted down four hand creams that work like a dream.

My four dream creams are all perfectly formed in their own ways, I tend to switch between them to get the best results!

E45 Repair and Protect Night Cream

This is an absolute dream cream, you just apply it before bed, go to sleep and let it work its magic. It's perfect if you suffer from mild eczema or dry hands, it's intensive but gentle so you wake up with super soft hands. To make it even more intensive, wear cotton gloves (you can get a pair from The Body Shop) overnight and you'll wake up with the softest hands ever!

It's only £3.99 too which is an absolute steal, you can pick it up from Boots here.

Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream
Ooh, I love this one, I keep it in my handbag for when my hands need a bit of a treat. It is a little bit too scented for me to use every hour on the hour as I usually would. Its great for when my eczema isn't flared up though.

This is a more luxury hand cream and it's reflected in the price, it's £21 and you can see more about here.

balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream

This is my every day hand cream, I apply a small amount every time I wash my hands to keep them hydrated in out air conditioned office. It smells dreamy (but not too scented), is super creamy and absorbs really quickly, perfect.

At £14.50, it isn't the cheapest hand cream but it's so worth it, plus a little goes a long way so a tube lasts for weeks and weeks. I picked up mine from Lookfantastic here.

Merumaya Hydrate and Protect Hand Cream

This product is a-mazing. You can literally see it working as you apply it, it moisturises, instantly evens your skin tone and absorbs straight away so it's ideal for using in the office! Plus, it has SPF 15 so it protects as it moisturises, it's an absolute wonder product.

At £12.50, it's affordable too, find out more about it here.

I've been writing this while watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt so it's taken me so much longer than it should have... Tina Fey can do no wrong.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

If You're Fond of Sand Dunes

Spring has finally sprung, the days where we can legitimately go outside without four layers on have arrived and British Summer time is just around the corner! This means it's time for extra sessions in the gym, less sessions on the wine and to fall in love with the new season's collections.

The Spring/Summer look books have started to pile in but this one in particular caught my eye, not only are the sand dunes whisking me away to warmer climes, but the clothes are absolutely spot on. Long line, light cover ups paired with simple, monochrome pieces alongside wide legged trousers, the ultimate in travel luxe.

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by which brand these pieces are from (and the price!) click here to find out who is behind this collection!

Time for a post indulgent weekend away/Sunday evening gym session to make sure I'm in good enough shape to work these looks. I may just about be ready by SS16!

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