Sunday, 17 February 2019

Our 5 Month Baby Routine

Now Eva is a whopping 5 and a half months old we're in a pretty good routine that's evolved as she's grown and it's thankfully working well for us (most of the time).

I have absolutely no idea if what I'm doing is 'right' but it works for us so I thought why not share? I haven't shared anything like this before but I find it stupidly interesting reading about other people's routines so I'm adding ours into the mix! The lovely Claire inspired this post, after reading her weekly
routine with her gorgeous new babe, I wanted to share ours.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

What's in our Nappy Bag?

I had absolutely no idea what to put in a nappy bag (apart from nappies obv) when I had just had Eva but now it is a veritable treasure trove of baby necessities. It’s a little bit different to my usual tiny handbags with 17 different lipsticks, debit card, phone and my keys so I thought I’d share because I’m nosy and love to read posts like this!

I am a stubborn person and decided not to get an actual nappy bag as I didn’t want to compromise on what I actually wanted. Which turns out was a big, bright Eleanor Bowmer leopard print tote bag, the dream. You can also get these personalised with an initial but I bought mine before we’d decided on Eva’s name so just got a plain one. But also being a reasonably organised person, I bought a felt bag organiser insert from Amazon so it’s not absolute chaos inside.


Sunday, 10 February 2019

The 14 Days to a Tidy Home Challenge

I am one of those people who can't work in a messy environment, I was always happy having a bit of a messy house if I was just relaxing in front of the TV but my desk at work was always pristine, organised and I went through a surgery level of antibacterial wipes per day. Now I'm on maternity leave, things have changed slightly and being home all day means that I want the house to be as clean and tidy as possible which is pretty hard with a 5 month old baby attached to my hip!

Thankfully Vonhaus has stepped in with their 14 Days to a Tidy Home challenge, broken down into easy, daily chunks that makes a mammoth task actually achievable. I've been looking for a good cleaning challenge since I got my Marie Kondo on last month but all the ones I found on Instagram were a bit too time consuming for me with a tiny baby. But I'm a week into the Vonhaus challenge and it's easy to tackle, though I must admit, I did dodge day 6 because let's be honest, I'm not getting on a ladder at nap time!

Sunday, 3 February 2019

13 things a new mum really wants for Valentine's Day

After you've been through the rather traumatic unique experience of childbirth you are suddenly a mum. Overnight you're miraculously in charge of a beautiful little human being and even though it's amazing, it's also pretty bloody tough. The good massively outweighs the bad and even the tiniest little baby smile (no, it definitely wasn't just wind) makes all the pain melt away.

So what else could make a new mum smile this Valentine's Day? Here's a few things that I'd like this Valentine's Day, from the perfectly normal and easy to get from Tesco to the downright never going to happen. Leave a comment with anything you'd like to add, I'd love to hear what you'd like too!

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Tweet Eats: The Vegan Feast at Comptoir Libanais

For those of you who are vegan or dairy free full time, I salute you! I’ve been dairy free for the past few months and my desire for chocolate and cheese is unreal, but the options available this year compared to when I tried being vegan for a few weeks a little over a year ago are insane.

Everywhere seems to have a vegan or dairy free menu, or be happy to make something especially for you and there are now a huge variety of vegan options available in supermarkets too, it’s meant I’ve been able to stick to my dairy free diet relatively easily!

For my first restaurant review of 2019 it seemed fitting to try a vegan option as so many people are trying Veganuary at the moment. Kate (who is also on a dairy free diet) were very kindly invited to Comptoir Libanais, a Lebanese and Middle Eastern restaurant, to try their vegan feast menu so we took advantage of me being on maternity leave and Kate having Fridays off to head there for lunch last week. Just for context, I’m on a dairy free diet as my baby is allergic to dairy and I’m breastfeeding, fun!

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