Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Trying out Barrecore in Alderley Edge

If you want to try out a new exercise class that will 100% make a difference, Barrecore is for you. This was my second time trying out the class and it was even harder than the first (let's not blame the 421 doughnuts I've eaten in between them...).

Barrecore is a combination of ballet moves with the barre and pilates, so think squats on tip toes, balletic movements with weights and extreme core exercises. It is incredibly effective with just 8 weeks giving you visible results, but you'll only need one class to feel the results. I was pretty much house bound for at least a day after the class, my abs did not see it coming! I'd thoroughly recommend Barrecore if you're looking for a tough workout, I'll deifnitely be going back for some more torture fitness.

If you're interested in learning more about Barrecore, take a look at my post here and to book in for a class in Alderley Edge or London, visit their website here.

Monday, 29 June 2015

I'll Meet you by the Sea

Oh summer, before we know it, you'll have been and gone... But while you're here, let's embrace you and let our wardrobes match the warmer weather. I'll meet you by the sea, we'll frolic in the surf and picnic in the dunes, it will be a whirlwind romance but one that we'll remember forever.

I'm always inspired by stores that execute campaigns well and Esprit is one of those, I tend to turn to them season after season for style inspiration. It isn't cutting edge or changing perceptions, but it is always spot on for casual looks and separates. Their recent 'Meet You by the Sea' campaign features a beautiful film following a family and their friends for a day at the beach, looks have been picked out and the whole film is shoppable. An idea that is seen across online fashion retailers these days but often nowhere near as well executed, it makes me want to join them, something that Esprit does exceptionally well. All of their models are approachable and personable, they aren't unattainable visions but people like you and me. Well, perhaps not quite as chubby as me... This story is full of breton stripes, clean whites, dove greys and simple basics, my idea of summer wardrobe heaven.

I'm pretty sure my Latitude festival packing will consist of ordering a few of my favourite things from Esprit and transferring them directly from their packaging to my backpack, simple and perfect, much like the collections. I've already got my eye on a few dresses above that are calling my name... Hurry up payday!

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Five Blogs to Follow

Blogs have been a part of my life for longer than pretty much anything else, longer than I was at school, longer than any of my relationships, longer than I've had a job... So over the years I've read my fair share of blogs but for some reason I've never shared a few of my favourite ones so it's high time I did!

From blogs that I've read for years to blogs that I've only just discovered, here are five that I love and I'm sure you will too...

First up is Calivintage written by Erin who is based in California, she's been blogging since 2008 and I've been reading it for most of her blogging career. I love her style, from the seventies inspired looks to her tattoos. Take a look at her blog Calivintage here and get California dreaming.

Love Aesthetics is a relatively new addition to my reading list but is fast becoming one of my favourites, everything is minimal, clean and styled to perfection. If you're a fan of monochrome and simplicity, this is definitely one for you, take a look here.

Stephanie from Cocochic is my spirit animal. Her blog is full of her rather incredible style and super useful blog tips, it's definitely worth a read. Take a look here!

Every day at work I look like I've been up since 3am and got dressed in the dark, Angharad however, looks like this. Every. Day. Her style is effortless, she has re-invigorated my love of culottes and she's also lovely so take a look at her blog Style Trunk here.

Katy of Little Miss Katy is one of the nicest bloggers around, she is always a ray of sunshine on her twitter and her blog is a wonderful mixture of fashion, food, travel, lifestyle and then a bit more food, exactly what I look for in a blog! Take a look here.
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