Sunday, 19 April 2015

Silver and Tulle

Even though these photos were only taken a couple of weeks ago, it feels like a lifetime! The Man's brother Tom married the lovely Sarah at St. Pancras Station in London in a beautiful ceremony on the Eurostar platform surrounded by friends and family. We then all boarded the Eurostar and made our way to Brussels for the reception, is that not the best idea for a wedding you've ever heard? Sarah's dress was particularly beautiful, if I were here I would have worn it every day on my honeymoon!

Whilst the bride and groom were otherwise engaged chatting to family and friends, I pinched the photographer Sam to take a few shots of my outfit because, well it would be rude not to! If you read my blog regularly, you will have probably seen me umming and ahhing about whether to get this dress from Coast or not, I obviously did in the end and I adore it! Now I just need an excuse to wear it again... Though I might just wear it around Manchester pretending to be Carrie Bradshaw.

I accessorised the dress with beautiful silver jewellery thanks to the lovely people at Links of London who rescued me at the last minute, I wore the amazing Narrative silver ring* (which you can have engraved too!) and silver silk bracelet*. I also wore a pair of silver drop earrings*, but I'll show them properly in a post coming soon.

The shoes were an absolute steal, I found them for just £10 in TK Maxx while we were in Glasgow, dream! And the bag I picked up very last minute from Fiorelli, thank goodness for next day delivery...

It was an absolutely incredible wedding, I kind of want it to happen all over again but I'm sure looking at Sam's photos of the day will take me back! Thank you to the lovely Sam for taking a few snaps of me, you can see more of her work here.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Blue Skies at Bluestone Wales

The past few weeks have been what can only be described as hectic. Everything has been turned upside down at work, we've been whisked over to Brussels for the best wedding ever (The Man was planning his best man speech every spare moment for weeks, stress!) and it's felt like we've had no time to ourselves.

Last weekend changed all that. We were invited by the lovely people at Bluestone Wales to stay in one of their lodges in Pembrokeshire, it seemed like an idyllic way to spend a couple of days so we packed up the car and headed South. I am very used to driving long distances with regular trips to London and Kent so the four hour car journey from Manchester didn't really phase me, but the closer we got, the more excited (and impatient) I got!

We arrived to blue sky, bright sunshine and a taste for adventure. Bluestone is nestled in the heart of Pembrokeshire, surrounded by woodland and just a short drive away from Tenby, the beautiful seaside town. You can see Tenby in Terri's post here! We had grand plans for long walks to explore but once we had settled into our gorgeous little lodge overlooking the lake and fired up Netflix, there was no way we were going very far. Sorry, not sorry.

Bluestone Wales is a contained resort with a cute little village at the centre of the lodges (including a wine shop, hello naughty), a water park on the outskirts, a spa, several restaurants and water sports. There's enough to keep anyone entertained, whether you're up for an adventure or just want to escape. We totally chose to escape!  

The lodge was so cute, it was upside down (just like our actual home!) with two bedrooms downstairs and the living room upstairs to make the most of the lovely view over the lake. We watch the sunset with a couple of cheeky glasses of wine and settled in for a weekend escaping the outside world. Bliss.

Find out more about Bluestone Wales here and book your very own blissful escape if you fancy it!

(Our trip to Bluestone Wales was complimentary in return for an honest review)

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Life is Sweet

After a long weekend of wedding celebrations, we're tired and wanted to be surrounded with lovely things. I'm sure you feel the same if you had a rather indulgent weekend so I thought I'd share a store that I think you might just love.

Minted is an online marketplace of independent artist's work, from stationery sets and notebooks to limited edition prints and customisable pieces. Most things look like they are made to hang above your desk, they are the things Pinterest dreams of. Plus, you can buy the prints in a range of different sizes and framed or not framed, so they're perfect for creating collages on your walls.

You can also customise notebooks and prints to make perfect gifts for people or super cute stationery for your desk that everyone will want to steal but totally can't!

I adore the foil prints, I think it's my inherent love of all things shiny but there is something about the maps and landmarks on Minted that I cannot get enough of. I'm on the edge of placing an order right now, but I can't quite decide between a map of London or Paris, which would you choose?

Have a looked at Minted and fall in love with the work of independent artists from all over the world, from beautiful stationery to custom prints. Lovely stuff, literally.
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